Natural Resource Management

Posted on June 13, 2016

Natural resource management

    Natural resource and forest protection is one of our prime responsibilities to protect and preserve our forest and biodiversity which is our main source of livelihoods. Lelewal embarked on giving capacity building trainings to indigenous peoples and resource person who serves as community trainers within their respective communities. This training gives them the ability to identify key resources in their territory and know the importance of each of them. It is also to identify traditional systems and valorized the use of traditional knowledge in natural resource management.

   Through our programs and trainings the community has been able to cut the rate of forest exploitation in their territories, as they know that the forest belongs to them and access to the forest is possible only through their free prior and informed consent (FPIC). Nearly all illegal forest concessions and exploitation have stopped their devastating activities in Baka settlements of Djoum locality. The Baka people have reinforced their rights over their territories and are vibrantly protecting their forest from illegal exploitation by deforestation drivers.

   With the support of our international partners, the Baka community of Djoum have embark on cocoa farming which is a suitable means of curbing deforestation and logging activities. Cocoa can do well under the big trees which do not need clearing the forest and is a perennial plant which increases forest canopy and in the long run will serve in carbon sequestration. Cocoa is one of the highly demanded cash crops in our markets for the manufacturing of chocolate and beverages and will contribute in economic development for the Baka people thus reducing slave labor and dependency. Lelewal has created a nursery to make the plants available for the communities. This will also reinforce land ownership for the Baka peoples.