Biodiversity Protection

Posted on June 13, 2016


    Indigenous Baka people have lived for decades with biodiversity resources using their traditional hunting and gathering practices without harming the flora and fauna in their territories. The multiplication of poaching activities as the demand for wild animal parts is high both at national and international markets, nowadays with the advent of the use of sophisticated arms, the poaching of class one and class two animals for which indigenous peoples protected. The biodiversity especially the fauna in indigenous Baka people territories is under threats of extinction as class one animals like elephants, gorillars, chimpanzes; Lions etc are hunted for diverse reason by poachers.

   With the collaboration of community leaders Lelewal discourages any activity leading to the extinction of these animals and preach to the community to respect their tradition and culture Vis a Vis biodiversity resources especially animals for sustainable use and also for the future generation. Capacity building and regular field survey to ensure that indigenous Baka people who are the custodians of the environment take the lead in protecting their environment and its resources.